Content Management Systems

In addition to using popular content management systems such as WordPress for our clients, Andromeda Lights builds custom Content Management Systems (CMS) for its websites. This has a number of advantages for our clients: 

  1. 1- It's extremely easy to use because you only have features and tools dedicated to your website's structure. That means you don't have to navigate through many menus and features that you'll never need to use, unlike the generic off-the-shelf solutions. 

  2. It's fast: Using PHP technology with a system that has only things your site needs. 

  3. The learning curve is extremely short: In a few minutes, you'll find that you're using the CMS as if your using your own web mail. 

  4. Mistake-forgiving: Publishing content online is a two-stage process, allowing room to track back on publishing mistakes before they go online. Also, deleting existing pages take those deleted pages to a recycle-bin feature from which you can restore anything deleted by mistake. 

  5. We can customise it according to each client's needs to make his experience using the CMS easier and serve his goals and objectives.

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